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As much as i love the game I'd have to say undertale. Like I said-it's awesome don't get wrong. It's just a bit TOO praised if you ask me. So be sure to let me know what you think the most overrated game of the 2010's is! Also PLEASE let each other have opinions don't hate on anyone for what they think!

you PROBABLY came here through my youtube channel, but if you didn't, well, hi! here i'll just be making these kinds of posts and crap. i'll also be making game reviews on here in the form of these posts. now you might be thinking: "well, wyatt! if you're gonna write game reviews, go to gamefaqs or some other website like that!" and to that my answer is: i don't wanna. i wanna do it here. sorry.

and just real quick i also won't be making games or animations or anything here on newgrounds any time soon. i think.

and no. i'm not named after a sonic OC. my name is wyatt and i like lobsters.